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It has come to the attention of Delta State Government that some property developers have wrongfully built and are still developing structures on the land earmarked for Asaba International Airport. This is mainly due to their erroneous assumption that the boundary of the Airport land ends where the perimeter fence has been erected.

2. Consequently, it has become expedient to clarify for the information and guidance of the general public, particularly land developers around the Asaba International Airport, that the Airport land extends beyond the perimeter fence which has been erected primarily to safeguard aircraft and prevent any form of encroachment on the airport runway. For emphasis, therefore, the general public is requested to note that the existing perimeter fence does not represent the limit of the airport land.

3. Developers are hereby cautioned to desist from further encroachment on the adjoining land to the perimeter fence of the airport. All farming activities therein are also prohibited as security agencies have been directed to apprehend and prosecute defaulters.


Mr. Chiedu Ebie

Secretary to the State Government

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