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Environment sustainability is important to our state as it is to the national and global communities. In managing the environment better we must recognise and respond adequately to the varying challenges in different parts of the state. The environmental challenges include those associated with oil and gas exploration, solid waste disposal/management, erosion and flood control, land degradation, deforestation and the increasing risks from climate change. With respect to management of solid waste, I shall emphasise programmes and projects that will recycle and convert our waste to wealth.


The equally challenging matter of climate change as reflected in the recent flooding of our communities has added to the traditional problems of erosion and the need to care seriously for drainage systems and the water-ways as much as we acre for the roads and road transportation.  Indeed caring for the water-ways is itself a source of employment and of contribution to a health environment in which our communities live. I shall devote time and resources to these challenges.


During my tenure as a Governor, at least one city or urban settlement in each of the 10 federal constituencies will be designated for comprehensive renewal. My administration shall focus on creating and improving on the internal road networks, dualisation where necessary, drainage, construction of bridges and flyovers, erosion control, modern transportation facilities, and provision of electricity and other public utilities. The development of roads, bridges, and ancillary infrastructure will ease commercial activities and, consequently, enhance economic growth and personal well being of Deltans.


I shall also embark on beautification driven by cultural uniqueness, basic facilities unique to each city or urban area, environmental improvement and the general atmosphere of such towns/cities to endear our people to remain in thesis areas, and for others to return home to settle.






The Public Service:


I have other the past 14 years come to a good understanding of the progress and challenges in the management of services delivery in Delta State. This matter affects the civil service as much as all the other agencies and institutions in the public sector, including the judiciary.


The public service will be properly organised to partner with the private sector and provide services to our people and communities. I will ensure that my tenure as Governor of Delta State adds vibrancy to the public service for improved welfare of our people and communities. I am determined to create a virile civil serve whose full potentials will be developed through proper recruitment and focused capacity building, Integrity, hard work and honesty will be rewarded.


Entertainment Industry and the Media:


Delta State is increasingly becoming home to the entertainment industry particularly with the valuable activities of the Nollywood professionals. In the same vein, the state owned media outfits (electronic and print) have occupied good space in the state. I will devote time and resources to uplift needed facilities and environment for the growth, consolidation, and progress of the media and entertainment industry in the state.




Defined as shelter with necessary supportive and environmental infrastructure, housing is a cardinal factor in livelihood and socio-economic development. It is pivotal to healthy living, generating employment, and wealth creation. My administration will place emphasis on, and accelerate housing development in partnership with the private sector.


  1. I will articulate housing and land management policies that will deliver sustainable housing programmes in the light of massive influx of Deltas and immigrants into our key cities.
  2. Master plans will be developed for the major towns and settlements within which programmes can be developed for residential,commercial and industrial real estates.
  3. I shall foster synergy among the activities of the Ministry of Housing, local governments and related agencies such as Delta Development and Property Authority (DDPA) and Delta State Oil Producing Areas Deveopement Commission (DESOPADEC)
  4. Similarly, the private sector will be encouraged to participate meaningfully in investment in housing through institutional incentives that will be put in place.