Schedule for documentation and issuance of appointment letters for successful persons


Cadre Date
for Documentation

for Issuance of Appointment Letter

1 Higher
Executive Officer (G/D), SGL 08
Friday, 27th
Dec., 2019
31st Dec., 2019
2 Education
Officer II, SGL 08
2nd Jan., 2020
Monday, 6th
Jan., 2020
3 Higher
Executive Officer (Accounts), SGL 08
Tuesday, 7th
Jan., 2020
9th Jan., 2020
4 Scientific
officer II, SGL 08 and Information Officer II, SG 08
Friday, 10th
Jan., 2020
Monday 13th
Jan., 2020
5 Higher
Technical Officer, Electrical Engineer II, Industrial Officer II, Cultural Officer II, Executive Officer
(Information) SGL 08 and Assistant Education Officer
14th Jan., 2020
16th Jan., 2020
6 Hydrogeologist, Mechanical Engineer, Health Assistant, Medical Lab. Technician, Dental Therapist,
Assistant Community Dev. Health Officer, Higher Executive Officer (Revenue)
Friday, 17th
Jan., 2020
Monday, 20th
Jan., 2020
7 Higher
Executive Office (Audit), Environmental Health Officer, Health Superintendent, Lands Officer II,
Fisheries Officer II, Programme Analyst II, Architect II, Agric. Engineer II, Computer Engr. II, Civil
Engr. II and Petroleum Engr. II
21st Jan., 2020
23rd Jan., 2020
8 Senior State
Counsel, Agric. Officer II, Quantity Surveyor II, Surveyor II, Water Resources Engr. II, Commercial
Officer II, Forest Officer II, Higher Medical Records Officer, Social Welfare Officer II and Town
Planning Officer II (SGL 08)
Friday, 24th
Jan., 2020
Monday, 27th
Jan., 2020
9 Community
Development Officer II, Trade Officer II, Optometrist (SGL 10), Printing Officer II, Higher Cooperative
Officer II, Lab. Technician, Statistical officer, Statistician II, Livestock Officer II, Data Processing
Officer, Assistant Data Processing Officer, Building Officer II, Higher Agric. Supt., Confidential
Secretary, Community Health Officer II, Estate Officer II, Assistant Executive Officer (Revenue),
Assistant Trade Officer, Assistant Executive Officer (G/D), Assistant Technical Officer, Executive
Officer (Tourism), Medical Officer, and Veterinary Officer
28th Jan., 2020


29th Jan., 2020