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Delta State Fact Check

Delta State is an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria. It is situated in the region known as the South-South geo-political zone and bordered on the north by Edo State, the east by Anambra and Rivers States, and the south by Bayelsa State while to the west is the Bight of Benin which covers about 160 kilometres of the state’s coastline.

  • Name: Delta State
  • Capital: Asaba
  • Slogan: The Big Heart
  • Created: August 27th, 1991 (32 years)
  • Population: 5,636,100 [2022] – Projection
  • Area: 16,986 km²
  • Population Density: 331.8/km² [2022]
  • Annual Population Change: 2.0%  [2006 → 2022]
  • Postal Codes: 320001 to 334196

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