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The Governor receiving prayers from Servants of God, during Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Finance Ministry State Summit Seminar, in Delta State.

Gov. Okowa Urges Religious Leaders To Lead Exemplary Lives

Delta State Governor Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has called on Religious leaders to lead exemplary lives as their actions reflect the word of God.

The governor who said this today (21/9/18) at the 2 Day State Summit On Advancement of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) in Asaba explained that as men of God they have been chosen to preach the gospel to the people and thus should live lives that would bring honour and glory to God.

According to him " God has set you out to shepherd the people while He is the Chief shepherd and He will lead the people through you and through the Holy spirit as impacted in you” he said adding " in our various churches you must realize that as the people listen to you, they also watch to see what you do in every situation and that is very key and important, so, you must be examples to the people so that through you they will be able to know what to do with the gospel that is preached to them and they will see you as their role model that they will want to copy you in terms of being able to act on the various gospel messages that you pass on onto them".

Senator Okowa commended the leadership of the PFN for organizing the summit describing the event as an avenue for religious leader to come together and find ways to advance the gospel as well as touch the lives of others.

"It is not very common for leaders in the church to come together to talk about the advancement of the church and talk about the various challenges affecting our nation so i am very much impressed that there is a leadership in the church that agreed that self improvement and development is important" the governor stated.

Giving the keynote address the National President of PFN Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude stressed the importance of religious leaders to contribute to the growth of their communities through preaching the gospel, getting involved in developmental projects and leading by example.

The State Chairman Bishop Dr. Kingsley Enakirerhi said that the summit was organized for religious leaders of the Pentecost faith to come together to examine the word as it would impact the people and the nation.

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