I welcome you all to this inauguration ceremony.

First, I congratulate each Member of the Governing Councils/Boards that are being inaugurated today. Your appointment is not only based on merit and competence, it is also in recognition of your consistency, faith and confidence in this administration. It is my hope and expectation that this appointment will spur you to greater heights and encourage you to work harder to actualise this administration’s S.M.A.R.T agenda.

Central to the effective implementation of our S.M.A.R.T agenda is our commitment to good governance, excellent leadership and sound management. To get the best out of institutions and agencies of State, which are vehicles for delivering development to our people, it is imperative that power and responsibility be shared.

The existence of appropriate governance structures in the Civil Service Establishment as well as all institutions, departments and agencies of Government engenders robust policy formulation, fosters better planning and increases efficiency in project execution based on shared responsibility, transparency and accountability.

The Government and, ultimately, the people whom we were elected or appointed to serve, stand to benefit when the relationship between Councils/Boards and Management is devoid of tension, competition and turf battles. The relationship between Councils/Boards and Management does not always have to lead to bitter quarrels. The wisdom that is required is to know how to draw the lines of authority and work for the synergy essential for the stability of the organisation, long- term socio-economic development and the general well-being of the people.

Your mandate, as Members of Governing Councils/Boards, is to have oversight functions over the vision, mission and strategic direction of your organisations. This includes ensuring that the visions and goals of your organisations are not only in tune with the overall policy direction of the Government, but that they also form the bedrock of the management culture. It is incumbent on you to monitor the effective implementation of these goals and plans, and help to keep the management on track.

Enhancing  management  performance  requires    that   you provide exemplary leadership, offer insight on your organisation’s budgetary priorities, and demand compliance with legal and government policy requirements at State and Federal   levels.   For   the   Governing   Councils   of educational institutions, it is your additional responsibility to monitor and evaluate the curriculum and academic performance of the institutions you are overseeing.

You will succeed in your assignments if you encourage active participation by all Council/Board Members and abide by the code of conduct guiding the establishment of Councils/ Boards. Members must learn to operate  within  the limits of their authority, recognising and accepting the difference between oversight and management. The principle of mutual submission is, therefore, imperative and must be embraced by all.

Remarks at the inauguration of various Governing Councils and Boards of the State at the Unity House, Old Government House, Asaba.