The fundamentals of security and peace building are well known to our people and communities. We also know that the character and ingredients of conflicts and insecurity in the state have been significantly altered since 1999. Thank God, inter-community conflicts and violence such as the experience we had in the Warri Local Government Areas in 1999 have reduced. We do not need only to sustain the peace of inter-community relations in this and other areas of the state, but also take into account the challenges of violent crimes such as kidnapping and armed robbery, which have threatened our livelihood in recent times.


Accordingly, I will take appropriate measures to sustain, increase, and even introduce new measures to contain and tackle the sources which breed and encourage insecurity, and thereby consolidate progress. The measures adopted will, among others, take into account the following:


  • Effective support for all Security Agencies, not only for combating the sources of insecurity and conflicts but also for intelligence gathering, hence the Nigeria Police Force, State SecurityAnd Civil Defence Service, the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force) will receive adequate attention and assistance.
  • Assistance to community services to keep the peace and provide security in the form of vigilante networks as approved by the Nigeria Police Force.
  • Recognition of the role of traditional institutions, particularly the Traditional Rulers of all the communities.Community leaders will be strengthened and made to assist in identifying and flushing out elements of conflicts and insecurity.
  • The establishment of a Delta State Stakeholders forum for regular discourses on peace and security.
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