Employment will remain the central theme for all our policies. Reflecting our strong conviction that deliberate government focus and action is needed to stem the tide of rising unemployment, our intervention strategy will combine time-tested and trusted quick-win schemes and long-term plans for job/wealth creation in the state.


Although unemployment has become a global challenge in the aftermath of the global financial meltdown, its impact has become very devastating in our environment especially in the absence of any social security safeguards to cushion the impact as in the developed nations. Promotion of employment opportunities will be the kernel of my administration and I will deploy and harness every resource available, especially through agro-businesses, to confront the scourge. Deliberate effort will be made to generate employment and productive livelihood for the teeming youth population, which will go a long way in reducing undue conflict in our communities.


A key component of our wealth creation strategy is to encourage multinational businesses and industrial activities to settle down and operate in the host communities; and aggressive promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises (MSMEs), which form the fulcrum of driving economic growth in any society. My policies and programmes shall impact greatly on our rural dwellers, and care for the physically challenged shall be given a prime place.

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